छात्र उपलब्धि



Position Holders in National Youth Festival ,New Delhi (AEP)

1.Mast Aryan Bandopadhyay,KV Bhandup Creative Writing

2.Ms Deepshikha Singh ,KV Ganeshkhind-Poster Making


Second Phase

1.Ms. Shruti Swaminathan,KV IIT Powai-Creative Writing

2.Ms Jahnvi Jose,KV Bhandup-Creative Writing

Ms. Muskan KV No2 Colaba-Poster Making

 i) Master Mehul Kumar, K V IIT Powai, student of class X-D, All India Level Topper, JMO 2012.

(ii) Master Gautam Agrawal , K.V. Mankhurd , student of class XII-Science won gold medal and Laptop at National Cyber Olympiad by winning 1st position at National Level. Master Gautam Agrawal also won silver medal for securing 2nd position at International Chemistry Olympiad 2008.

(iii) Master Jaideep Shinde, 10 years old of class 4th of K.V. Army Area has designed 8 web pages that has won him the National level students Web Contest Award conducted by www.think.com , a global community of schools, teachers and students 

(iv) Master Sparsh Khanchandani of Class III, K.V. Ambernath is acting as the character of ‘ITCHHA’ , a leading role in the TV serial ‘UTARAN’ being telecast on the color channel at 10.00 p.m. to 10.30 p.m. daily.

(v) Miss K.R.Lakshmi, K.V. ONGC Panvel has won the First Prize in word Construction game conducted by the Rashtra Deepika Children’s Digest. Her name was featured in the Children’s Digest as she coined the maximum number of words from the given word.